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Stronger Together retreat provides understanding

As a returning retreat guest, I have wondered to myself often if the magic of last year’s retreat could possibly be repeated again. Less than 24 hours into the weekend, I have found my answer… Yes! Yes, indeed!

Once again, I am finding myself sitting quietly, looking around me and watching something that is quite honestly too difficult to put into words. I close my eyes and say to myself “this is just so beautiful!” The friendships that have been made, the hugs to another who we have only met but a few hours ago, and the sincere tears as we listen to another speak of her adoption journey. Each of us understand. This is a place where we are allowed to safely step out from the shadows and into the light of support, acceptance, strength and healing.

The fruits of dreams and works of AOCM and its supporters is evident here. And I, and so many others, get to be a partaker of it all. Again, I feel so very loved and cared for, down to the smallest detail, which does not go unnoticed. — Kimberley


September 23rd, 2015 View Profile

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