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MN Loves Adoption

Minnesota Loves Adoption is an online scrapbook, providing a forum for Minnesotans to share their real stories of adoption with others. Celebrating adoption as an act of love that defines so many families in our state, the Adoption Option Council of Minnesota proudly presents this scrapbook. We welcome you to read all of the amazing stories collected so far. With each unique, heart-warming story of adoption in Minnesota that we add, we take away some of the mystery of adoption and create a more supportive culture for those who make that choice. What do you love about adoption? Please share your story.

Let’s Talk About Adoption

Whether you are a school counselor, pastor, teacher, friend, or a person with a passion for adoption, this booklet will provide you with tools and information you can use to help others explore the option of adoption. We know that having a conversation with someone about considering adoption for their child can feel like mission impossible. But we trust that the following resources will give you the confidence you need for the task. Start by reading the Let’s Talk About Adoption booklet. Please note, AOCM believes that anyone who considers adoption should have access to free, comprehensive and confidential decision-making counseling. Agencies on this resource list provide services throughout Minnesota.

Training for Pregnancy-Advising Professionals and Volunteers

AOCM is a leader in providing accurate, modern adoption information to pregnancy-advising professionals. As a well-established and respected organization that does not endorse any one child-placing agency or firm, we have credibility to speak at conferences and provide in-services for centers. Often, AOCM provides professionals with their first look inside real adoption stories. A young college-educated professional once shared after a presentation: “I’m embarrassed to say that everything I thought I knew about adoption was wrong.” AOCM trains between 100 and 120 professionals a year, with growing demand.

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