In Schools

For the past 15 years, Adoption Option Council of Minnesota has provided no-cost classroom presentations to high schools. This program continues to grow in demand, and we now have 100 trained volunteers who visit classrooms in teams, together with a professional facilitator.

What can you expect from our speakers? Engaging, honest, real stories about how adoption has touched their lives – from many perspectives. Our organization has no political or religious affiliations. To schedule a presentation, just drop us a note today.

ITK Teens Program

AOCM has developed an adoption awareness campaign, called “In the Know,” aimed at teenagers. The purpose of the campaign is to foster a positive attitude toward adoption. It encourages teens to get “In the Know” about modern adoption, instead of assuming that other alternatives, including teen parenting, are the only choices. ITK is not a crisis pregnancy-counseling tool. Rather, its upbeat message empowers and equips teens with accurate information about adoption, as well as resources, to tap into if they or a friend becomes pregnant. 

Video Outreach

To meet growing demand for the popular Adoption Option Speakers Panel, we have created a 33-minute professional video of the Panel’s presentation. The stories you’ll hear will challenge many common myths about modern adoption. Educators are encouraraged to use this video in their classrooms. Upon request, AOCM will provide educators with an Adoption Discussion Guide, which helps facilitate a conversation after watching the video. Request your materials today.

When you have watched the video with your class or group, please give us your feedback by submitting this brief survey: Click here to take survey