Empowering Women

HP4Women who have placed their child in another’s arms deserve support in the months, years and decades ahead. We provide them with emotional encouragement and, when needed, financial assistance. Find out more about our programs now.

Adoption Option Council of Minnesota seeks to be a source of support and encouragement. If you are interested in learning more about adoption, or if you have experiences with adoption that you’d like to share, please contact AOCM. Together, we can ensure that people have the support they need.

Stronger Together, Birth Mother Retreat

Women who have chosen adoption, whether recently or decades ago, deserve and often need support that they can’t find from their families or community. We have found that what they often need most is simply a time and place to be together with other birth mothers to share, learn and talk. Our ‘Stronger Together’ healing weekend retreat fits that need. One woman described last year’s retreat as ‘the best weekend of my entire life.’ It is the only weekend retreat for birth mothers in Minnesota, and women travel from surrounding states to attend.

Contact AOCM for information about the annual retreat, which takes place in September. While space at the retreat is limited, retreat guests continue to network throughout the year and welcome birth mothers to join that network at any time.


In our experience, storytelling is one of the most effective ways for people to continue to process and heal in their adoption journey. Adoptive parents, birth parents, adopted persons all serve together on AOCM’s speakers bureau. Together, they offer a network of understanding and support. With growing demand for our presentations, we are always in need of additional speakers. Please consider joining this program. Training is provided.


To provide support and affirmation to birth parents, AOCM awards scholarships to applicants who have chosen adoption and wish to pursue secondary and higher education during the upcoming academic year. The applicant must be enrolled at a certified institution of higher learning. Click here to learn more about AOCM’s college scholarship program and to download an application.


Adoption Option Council of Minnesota provides financial assistance to birth parents in Minnesota. This program began in 1985 to address the special needs of birth parents, who often find their emotions are under stress, supporting personal relationships are strained or absent, and additional expenses and loss of income are not covered by other sources.

The birth parent grant program is available up to two years after finalization of adoption. Most grants help cover part of a month’s rent payment or educational expenses. Applications are reviewed by a committee and are subject to availability of fund. The grant program is now closed until July 1, 2016. Please contact AOCM for more information.

“After 30 years of providing grant and scholarship programs to birth mothers, I am convinced that now is the time to also offer emotional support. And I cannot think of a more well-positioned organization than AOCM to offer this support through a weekend retreat for birth mothers.” – Kate Gillen, AOCM President