About AOCM

Founded in 1983, AOCM is a multi-service nonprofit with no political or religious affiliations or agenda. Its volunteers, including birth parents, adopted persons, adoptive parents and adoption social workers, bring adoption education and awareness into schools and communities. The organization also provides support to birth mothers, with services including a healing weekend retreat, emergency grants and education scholarships. Individuals and organizations in more than 50 Minnesota communities rely on AOCM, and its footprint has crossed the border into the St. Croix River Valley.

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Our Accomplishments

Enlightening society’s perceptions of adoption

AOCM’s trained volunteers present accurate adoption education to thousands of high school students. Student surveys show the impact of this work: After hearing the presentation, 80% of students say they see adoption in a more positive light; 79% say they now understand how to talk about adoption in a more sensitive way. By educating young people about adoption, we strive to create a better informed, more understanding culture for those whose lives are touched by adoption. In many cases, we are the students’ main source of accurate adoption education. One teacher wrote: “The personal stories really opened everyone’s eyes. I think everyone is more educated now and also has more of an open mind about the subject.”

Filling a gap in support services

While, in our experience, birth mothers generally do not regret the intentional plan they have made for their child and themselves, they can be caught unprepared for the stages of grief and acceptance that unfold in the months and years after placement. AOCM steps up to fill a gap in support services available to them. AOCM hosts a healing weekend retreat and opportunities for ongoing mentoring. We provide emergency housing, education and medical care funds to endure financial struggles after pregnancy. And we award college scholarships to ensure higher education remains achievable. And, it should be noted, we are the only organization offering this range of support in Minnesota – and perhaps in the country.

What distinguishes our work?

We are not a child-placing facility. We don’t facilitate adoptions. We aren’t in the “business” of adoption. Instead, we step in to educate communities and provide support where it is needed to help foster healthy women, children, and families in the communities across the state. Our funding comes primarily from individuals and foundations.

We are neither religious nor political. Decisions around pregnancy are some of the most divisive in our society. AOCM works across the spectrum of personal and institutional beliefs and finds a neutral, nonjudgmental viewpoint best serves our mission. This philosophy is unchanged in the organization’s 30+ years.

We are volunteer-driven. Volunteers from diverse adoption experiences make up our speakers bureau, committees and board leadership. These individuals create a network of support that is helpful to their adoption journey and, collectively, their stories build greater adoption awareness for their audiences of students and professionals.

In the News

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