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Adoption Option Council of Minnesota is pleased to host a Birth Mother’s Retreat on Sept. 19-21, 2014. This gathering, called “Stronger Together,” will provide up to 20 birth mothers with a weekend of friendship, learning and support.

It’s a great privilege to welcome Children’s Home and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota as a top-tier “Evergreen” sponsor of this event. We welcome you to learn more about this program and its sponsors.

Classroom presentations

The Adoption Option Speakers Panel provides thousands of Minnesota high school students with real-life perspectives from birth parents, adoptive parents, adopted persons, birth grandparents and social workers. Why should you offer this 50-minute program in your school?
- Adoption is relevant to more students than you may know
- Trained panel members answer students’ honest questions
- Students learn to be more supportive of each other
- Educators find this presentation to be one of the most popular
Available in-person or by video. An incentive is available to educators who use the video presentation and offer feedback via a brief survey. Learn more at

Minnesota Loves Adoption

Celebrating the many ways adoption has touched their lives, Minnesota individuals and families have come together to share their stories. Adoption Option Council of Minnesota is pleased to present those stories in a beautiful hard cover book called “Minnesota Loves Adoption.” Click on the image below to learn more about this program and how you can get involved.

AOCM is not a political or religious organization.

AOCM Sponsored Websites

ITK (In the Know) Teens is a resource created to engage teens about the subject of adoption. Minnesota Loves Adoption is an online scrapbook, providing a forum for Minnesotans to share their real stories of adoption with others.

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