Opening hearts in Minnesota classrooms

Why do our volunteers care so much about educating Minnesota students about adoption? Well, there are lots of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is that a classroom might be the only place students receive accurate information about the topic. One of our speakers, Kate, feels so strongly about adoption education that she put her own personal story into the form of a special video message to educators. Please take a moment to watch it:

AOCM makes education easily available, with the choice of an 33-minute video or an in-person presentation. An incentive is available to educators who use the video presentation and offer feedback via a brief survey. Learn more at

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Adoption Option Council of Minnesota was pleased to host a Birth Mother’s Retreat on Sept. 19-21, 2014. This gathering, called “Stronger Together,” provided 16 birth mothers with a weekend of friendship, learning and support.

Thanks to all of our retreat supporters, including top-tier “Evergreen” sponsor Children’s Home and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.

This was a life-changing event for these women who found they are, indeed, Stronger Together! Learn more.

Minnesota Loves Adoption

Celebrating the many ways adoption has touched their lives, Minnesota individuals and families have come together to share their stories. Adoption Option Council of Minnesota is pleased to present those stories in a beautiful hard cover book called “Minnesota Loves Adoption.” Click on the image below to learn more about this program and how you can get involved.

AOCM is not a political or religious organization.

AOCM Sponsored Websites

ITK (In the Know) Teens is a resource created to engage teens about the subject of adoption. Minnesota Loves Adoption is an online scrapbook, providing a forum for Minnesotans to share their real stories of adoption with others.

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  • How can a 30-minute video change your students' lives? Let us help you start the conversation about adoption with your students.

    Dear Mrs. Flynn

    What do your high school students know about adoption? Probably not nearly enough. Adoption Option Council of Minnesota can help.
  • Today's AOCM Speaker's Panel visited Hopkins High School for two classes. The panel was thrilled to be bombarded with a record number of questions. In fact, the students started firing off their questions right from "Hello." The students' interest in the topic and desire to understand what adoption is REALLY like today was evident. As a result, the speakers thoroughly enjoyed their time with everyone and left exhausted.
  • The Buffalo High School students in Julie Mundahl's child development classes are sharp - even at 7:45 a.m.! When our panel arrived to share our adoption stories with them, they were ready for us. We asked if they had any burning questions about adoption, and for 20 minutes, we answered their questions, like: How does adoption work? How do you find families to adopt your baby? What if you what your baby back? We appreciate our volunteers Sara, Heidi, Colleen, and school counselor, Kristin, for joining us today. The panel will be at other school by 7:30 tomorrow morning!
  • Colleen Tronson is now the first recipient of Adoption Option Council of Minnesota's "Founding Mothers Award" for exceptional volunteerism. So well deserved! Colleen is a longtime board member and speakers panel facilitator. Thank you, Colleen!

  • AOCM President Kate Gillen was in the studio this morning with journalist Kevyn Burger for a Comcast Newsmakers segment. What a great opportunity to promote our classroom presentation program!